Vegan Week

This week happens to be full of vegan and vegetarian celebrations across the States. We are currently in the middle of the IDA (In Defense of Animals) World Go Vegan Week. World Go Vegan Week began this past Sunday and ends on the 31st of the month.

The purpose of this week is to celebrate the benefits of veganism (environmental, health, animal rights) and to help educate others about the positive effects veganism has on the world. Vegans are encouraged to cook their friends an animal-free meal or hand out pamphlets on veganism.

This coming weekend is also the 15th Annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival. The festival is chance for vegetarian friendly food companies, chefs, speakers and people like you to get together and celebrate vegetarianism. If Boston has been celebrating the vegetarian lifestyle for 15 years, I think it’s about time we in Frederick have our own vegetarian food festival!

In California, the Veggie Pride Parade is being held on Saturday in Los Angeles. Vegans will gather there to listen to speakers, eat delicious food and parade through Santa Monica in veggie costumes.

Let’s not forget, this weekend also brings Halloween. Celebrate with cute ghost and pumpkin cupcakes and have fun!



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