A View from the Other Side

I was raised as an omnivore, it wasn’t until I was 17 that I decided to go vegetarian. In reality, what I really wanted to do was follow a completely vegan diet, but at the time, I was living with my parents and I wasn’t sure how they would take it.

A year later, after moving into a college dorm room, I informed my parents that I had become a vegan. I was entirely surprised at how well my mother took the news.

Since becoming a vegan, every time I return home my mother is very accommodating with the meals she cooks. When we go out shopping together, she helps me scout out non-leather boots, purses and belts.

I’ve always been curious about how my mother truly initially felt about my veganism and how she feels about it today, so I sat her down and asked her about.

ME: What was your first reaction when you found out your daughter wanted to be a vegan?

MOM: Dear Lord! What does this mean and how difficult is this going to make my life?!

ME: Before I so wonderfully decided to become a vegan, did you know much about it?

MOM: A little. I just thought it was so limiting and I was worried about what you would eat.

ME: Has my being a vegan changed the way you view food at all? How?

MOM: Extremely. I learned a lot, and we, the family in general, eat a lot less dairy and meat now. I have changed my diet maybe for different reasons than you. I see how we have made the dairy and meat industries so polluting and how the majority of non-organic food is nutritionally a zero.

ME: How do you view veganism now?

MOM: It is a very limiting diet and I do worry that you get enough variety in your diet. But I have learned a lot and I do agree with you. The family is now more aware of what is in the food we consume and I try to make educated choices. We definitely eat way more fresh vegetables from local farms and our own garden now, something we did not pay too much attention to before. The whole family is healthier because of you! I will live a LONG time!





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