Vegan Update

From my weekly visit to the Veg News Magazine website, I discovered that six different 7-11 stores in New York City are experimenting with vegan meals. Offerings will include Pad Tai and artichoke and spinach noodles. So if you live in NYC, go check out the new grub!

Looking for fashionable vegan shoes? Try Moo Shoes.

In other news, if you’re a female vegan (or a male who just happens to like makeup), Urban Decay has an entire section online dedicated to vegan makeup. A purple paw print marks all of their products that are animal-free.

I’ve also recently discovered Moo Shoes, a vegan-friendly website that actually sells fashionable shoes. If you’re vegan and you’ve ever tried to find a pair of boots that weren’t made of leather but didn’t look terrible, you can understand how difficult the search is!

If you’re stuck on gift ideas that are environmentally friendly and cruelty free this holiday season, try visiting the Ethical Superstore. Even if the name is a bit pretentious sounding, the site is full of beautiful products. Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers (try the hand-trimmed fair trade soap) or beautiful gift-wrap, this site has it all.


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