Vegan Holiday Findings

It amazes me how many companies and products exist today that are specifically aimed towards vegans. I am constantly stumbling upon new vegan websites and  restaurants and hearing about new vegan products form my friends.If you’re looking for something to get for your vegan friend this holiday, there are plenty of animal-friendly presents out there!

For instance, for those of you who are into video games, I’ve discovered a Play Station 2 game called Whiplash. In this game, the player is a caged animal used for testing and must escape. Not only that, but he or she  must free the other animals from their cages as well. You can’t get much more vegan than that! This game would make for a great present for any animal rights activist.

Rose City Chocolatier is a chocolatier that has an entire line of vegan chocolates. They sell gift baskets and holiday-based chocolate figures as well. If you’re looking for stocking stuffers for your vegan friend, try the santa chocolates.

Vegan themed holiday greeting cards are also abundant and a good choice for the vegans in your life. My favorite card I’ve stumbled upon on the internet reads, “Soy to the World“.

It’s time to get shopping! Happy Holidays!


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