The Boyfriend

Michael Metzner is not a vegan, or even a vegetarian, but he is well informed on the cruelty-free lifestyle. Michael is the boyfriend of a vegan and has learned a lot about veganism through his relationship.

ME: Has dating a vegan changed the way you view veganism at all?

MICHAEL: I have a better understanding of why people choose to be vegans now. My girlfriend has certainly informed me about what’s wrong with the meat and dairy industries!

ME: Do you agree with her dietary choices?

MICAHEL: I respect her for her decision to try and make compassionate choices, but I don’t see myself becoming a vegan any time soon.

ME: Have your conflicting dietary choices ever caused problems between the two of you?

MICAHEL: Well, I know that she wishes I were a vegan, or even a vegetarian, but she also knows that I am quite stuck in my ways! My girlfriend has very strong beliefs when it comes to food, but I don’t share the same convictions. Even so, I make every effort to find her something vegan, and delicious, when we go out to eat.

ME: Do you find going out with her difficult?

MICHAEL: Not really, I’ve discovered that there are plenty of accidentally vegan dishes out there. If I want to eat meat, it’s usually possible for my girlfriend to find multiple vegan-friendly dishes at the same restaurant.

ME: Where’s your favorite place to eat in Frederick?

MICAHEL: Lucky Corner! They also have an entire section of vegetarian dishes on their menu, which makes my girlfriend happy.

ME: Which is the most important thing!

MICHAEL: Yes, of course!



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