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December 13, 2010

Feeling Festive?

Have a holiday celebration with your friends! I like to celebrate Christmas early with my friends, as every year I return home to New Jersey to visit my family for the week of Christmas. If you too would like to have a holiday feast with your buddies, PETA has made it is easy for everyone (vegans!) to be able to enjoy the food.

Happy holidays!


Not only does the PETA website have suggestions on how the non-vegans out their can accommodate their herbivorous friends  in their cooking, but they also have an entire vegan menu of potential dishes to make. They list multiple possibilities  for appetizers and snacks, soups and salads, side dishes, beverages and whole lot more.

If you simply must use disposable plates and utensils for your holiday party, try using the eco-friendly variety. Simply Smart Living has a wide array of “green”, disposable bamboo dishes and cutlery.
December 10, 2010

Vegan Holiday Findings

It amazes me how many companies and products exist today that are specifically aimed towards vegans. I am constantly stumbling upon new vegan websites and  restaurants and hearing about new vegan products form my friends.If you’re looking for something to get for your vegan friend this holiday, there are plenty of animal-friendly presents out there!

For instance, for those of you who are into video games, I’ve discovered a Play Station 2 game called Whiplash. In this game, the player is a caged animal used for testing and must escape. Not only that, but he or she  must free the other animals from their cages as well. You can’t get much more vegan than that! This game would make for a great present for any animal rights activist.

Rose City Chocolatier is a chocolatier that has an entire line of vegan chocolates. They sell gift baskets and holiday-based chocolate figures as well. If you’re looking for stocking stuffers for your vegan friend, try the santa chocolates.

Vegan themed holiday greeting cards are also abundant and a good choice for the vegans in your life. My favorite card I’ve stumbled upon on the internet reads, “Soy to the World“.

It’s time to get shopping! Happy Holidays!

December 5, 2010

Vegan Update

From my weekly visit to the Veg News Magazine website, I discovered that six different 7-11 stores in New York City are experimenting with vegan meals. Offerings will include Pad Tai and artichoke and spinach noodles. So if you live in NYC, go check out the new grub!

Looking for fashionable vegan shoes? Try Moo Shoes.

In other news, if you’re a female vegan (or a male who just happens to like makeup), Urban Decay has an entire section online dedicated to vegan makeup. A purple paw print marks all of their products that are animal-free.

I’ve also recently discovered Moo Shoes, a vegan-friendly website that actually sells fashionable shoes. If you’re vegan and you’ve ever tried to find a pair of boots that weren’t made of leather but didn’t look terrible, you can understand how difficult the search is!

If you’re stuck on gift ideas that are environmentally friendly and cruelty free this holiday season, try visiting the Ethical Superstore. Even if the name is a bit pretentious sounding, the site is full of beautiful products. Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers (try the hand-trimmed fair trade soap) or beautiful gift-wrap, this site has it all.

November 21, 2010

Veg Web

The Internet is an amazing resource for vegan information. There is a plethora of sites relating to vegan food, activism, nutrition, fashion and events. In my perusing of the web, I have found a wide variety of helpful and entertaining vegan sites.

Vegansaurus is a fun vegan blog based out of San Francisco that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Among Vegansaurus’s pages are links to tasty recipes like apple cider cups, interesting news, such as a story about a paraplegic raccoon that underwent back surgery and interviews with such people as Anja Keister, a vegan burlesque queen.

Madcapcupcake has more delicious recipes for vegan baked goods than your heart and stomach could ever desire. The Mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodle recipe is to die for.

Vegcast and Raw Vegan Radio both have extensive pod casts on all things vegan if you’re more in the mood to listen than to read.

Vegan Soapbox takes an in depth look at animal rights, vegan organizations and morality.

No matter what sort of vegan information you are looking for, there is a website out there that can cater to all your animal-friendly interests.

November 15, 2010

Meatless Mondays

Meat Free Monday is an environmental campaign, headed by Paul McCartney, which purpose is to draw attention to the impact of meat production and consumption on our planet.

Meatless Monday is another campaign that also encourages people to abstain from meat one day a week in order to help improve “personal health and the planet”.

The Meatless Monday logo

People such as Yoko Ono, Kate Moss and Al Gore are all professed followers of Meatless Monday.

Michael Pollan, author of In Defense of Food, stated on the Opera Winfrey Show, “even one meatless day a week—a Meatless Monday, which is what we do in our household—if everybody in America did that, that would be the equivalent of taking 20 million mid-size sedans off the road.”

Clearly, the movement to reduce meat consumption is growing and whether it’s for environmental, health or animal rights reasons, this is positive news.

The Huffington Post publishes articles every week regarding Meatless Monday, along with vegetarian and vegan friendly recipes. One of my favorites is Tuscan White Beans and Winter Greens Soup.

If you are already a vegetarian, encourage your friends to go meat free once a week. If you are a carnivore, consider going meat free once a week- you’ll be helping more than just yourself.


September 29, 2010


The fast food chain Chipotle is now offering vegan chicken at two of their locations in Los Angeles. This “chicken” is marinated in chipotle adobo sauce and then grilled. You can get it in a burrito with all your favorite toppings- black beans, rice, guacamole and peppers to name a few.

Though Chipotle is only experimenting with vegan chicken in select restaurants, it is quite significant that they are serving vegan chicken at all. Clearly, the movement to live in a more compassionate manner has gained some serious attention if a massive chain like Chipotle is willing to offer specifically vegan options.

Another burrito joint that offers a vegan alternative, and is closer to home for those who live outside of L.A., is California Tortilla. Their No-Meato Burrito comes with a variety of vegan deliciousness; guacamole and zucchini being two of my favorite toppings.

It is amazing to see that the vegan diet is finally being recognized by the mainstream. When you get down to it, companies only offer what sells, so there must be enough vegans out there to support major companies’ endeavors into animal-friendly dishes. It’s an exciting to time to be a vegan!

To find restaurants and stores that offer vegan food and goods near you, visit the Happy Cow Compassionate Eating Guide website.