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September 9, 2010

Mac and Cheeseless

Growing up, box mac and cheese was my favorite food to eat. I especially

The lovely Cafe Green logo

loved the mac and cheese that came with shell macaroni because the cheese powder would get caught inside the shells and make them taste extra cheesy and delicious. Since making the switch from vegetarian to vegan almost four years ago, I haven’t tasted anything remotely like mac and cheese, as I’m not a big fan of soy cheese (yech!). A few weeks ago though, I ventured into D.C. with my boyfriend and we ate at Cafe Green, an organic, fair trade and vegan friendly restaurant. I decided to go wild and order their Mac N Cheese Soul Plate- it turned out to be the best dish I have ever eaten ever (well, definitely in the top ten!) and it didn’t include any real cheese or otherwise. If you can’t make it to Cafe Green yourself, I’ve gone to the trouble of finding the Best Mac and Cheese in the Entire World…Seriously recipe. Just follow the link and you will be tasting heaven in your mouth in no time!