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September 9, 2010

Vegans can Party too!

I have to confess that there is one area that I have been slacking in when it comes to upholding veganism- alcohol. Strangely enough, many brewing companies use animal products, such as fish bladders and gelatin, in order to filter impurities from their beverages. Some liquors and champagnes are actually made with the use of animal bone char (gross).

Despite the fact that I’m entirely repulsed by such practices, I’ve always found the thought of researching every beer or wine I want to drink (and I admit, there are many!) daunting, as the use of animal products in alcoholic beverages is often not listed on the labels.

Recently, I’ve decided to be a bit more conscientious about the alcoholic drinks I consume; luckily, I found a website that lists over a thousand breweries, wineries and distillers and which, if any, products they make that are vegan. I was overjoyed to discover that one of my favorite beers, Chimay, is actually vegan friendly! If you haven’t tried Chimay yet, I would highly recommend it to vegans and non-vegans alike.

Chimay is brewed within a Trappist monastery in Belgium by the monastic community, hence its holy deliciousness! To see an ever-growing list of vegan alcoholic beverages, visit and to learn more about animal products used in alcohols, visit the Vegetarian Society website for a complete overview of clarifying practices.


The tastiest vegan beer ever!

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