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October 16, 2010

A Post in Which I Gush About Yummy Food

This past week I went up to Montreal to visit a friend. Not only is Montreal a beautiful city with a calm atmosphere, but it is also home to a bounty of vegan restaurants.

Lucky for me, Montreal’s first all-vegan restaurant, Aux Vivres, was only a ten-minute walk away (on St. Laurent) from where I was staying. It was so good I ended up going there three times in the five days I was in Montreal.

A street shot of Aux Vivres

On my first visit, my friends and I went there for dinner. It took me forever to decide what to order as absolutely everything on the menu is vegan-friendly. I’m used to much more limited choices!

I finally decided on the Dragon Bowl, which was delicious. The Dragon Bowl consisted of a salad with shredded vegetables, sprouts, toasted sesame seeds and their dragon sauce. I can’t tell you what exactly dragon sauce is, but I do know no animals were harmed in its making. I also added grilled tofu to the mix, as protein is important.

Not being able to resist, I went back with my boyfriend a day later to partake in Aux Vivres brunch menu. We both ordered the waffles and we were not disappointed.

The waffles and maple syrup they came with were all organic and mighty yummy. Not only was there maple syrup on them, but there was also cashew cream, vegan whipped cream and fruit. Accompanied with multiple cups of coffee with almond milk, it might have been the best breakfast of my life.

The last time I went back was to pick up something for Canadian Thanksgiving, which was this past Monday. I couldn’t resist buying half a cake of Gateau Fauxmage (quite the clever pun). It was a bit expensive, but totally worth it. I’ve never eaten vegan cheesecake before and I don’t think I’ll ever eat any moderately as good again.

Needless to say, I was reluctant to leave when the time came but I’m sure I’ll go back to Montreal to stuff myself at Aux Vivres again sometime in the future!