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November 21, 2010

Veg Web

The Internet is an amazing resource for vegan information. There is a plethora of sites relating to vegan food, activism, nutrition, fashion and events. In my perusing of the web, I have found a wide variety of helpful and entertaining vegan sites.

Vegansaurus is a fun vegan blog based out of San Francisco that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Among Vegansaurus’s pages are links to tasty recipes like apple cider cups, interesting news, such as a story about a paraplegic raccoon that underwent back surgery and interviews with such people as Anja Keister, a vegan burlesque queen.

Madcapcupcake has more delicious recipes for vegan baked goods than your heart and stomach could ever desire. The Mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodle recipe is to die for.

Vegcast and Raw Vegan Radio both have extensive pod casts on all things vegan if you’re more in the mood to listen than to read.

Vegan Soapbox takes an in depth look at animal rights, vegan organizations and morality.

No matter what sort of vegan information you are looking for, there is a website out there that can cater to all your animal-friendly interests.