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December 7, 2010

Tales of a Vegetarian Cattle Farmer

There are a wide variety of reasons for people to go vegetarian and even an extensive range of thoughts on what vegetarianism is. Audra is a freshman at Montana State University and has some unique ideas on vegetarianism.

ME: What are you studying at Montana State?

AUDRA: Ranch management actually. My dream is to run a cattle ranch with a bed and breakfast on it.

ME: So, you want to be a vegetarian cattle farmer?

AUDRA: I know it sounds weird, but it makes perfect sense to me. I choose not to eat meat because I don’t like the way the meat industry is currently run. I watched that movie Earthlings and it disturbed me so much I haven’t touched meat since.

ME: That’s very interesting. Would you eat meat if it were raised on your own farm then?

AUDRA: I’m sort of a walking contradiction. At this point, even if I know meat comes from an organic farm and the animals are raised well, I still wouldn’t eat it. I’ve not eaten meat in so long I’ve really lost a taste for it. I guess what it comes down to is that I am very attracted to the idea of supplying meat to people that comes from a good place. If you’re going to meat, no one can stop you, but you might as well buy it from someone who has respect for the animals.

ME: I know what you mean. I wish more people were more conscience of the effect their everyday choices have on the world.

AUDRA: Yeah, the world will never go vegetarian, so I feel like I might as well try to make the industry better. I’ve always loved the idea of the west and I know some people think it’s strange, but yeah, I want to be a vegetarian cattle rancher!

ME: Well, I hope your dream comes true.

AUDRA: Me too!